miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012


The angry mob moves slowly
They bring anouncements of a future to be different,
they believe that is being late
for this Country to change.
They run into the streets
and I´m among them, watching the scene.
Then one proclaims the system to be wrong,
his voice loud among the huge crowd.
They don´t know each other
but all are welcomed as sisters and brothers.
And starting to lose my way,
some words start to be said.
It is a claim, an agony, a fear
shouted in words to the air.
And I feel I´m one of them
and start crying out loud
with that angry mob that is Spain.

Nothing 2

Lying on the ground, his heart is still beating.
His chest moving, in a compass of determination
in a slow motion capture of scene.
With some hope still remaining
beside a huge luggage of loads of action
Two friends take each other hands, haven´t seen
That´s the moment when all´s changing.
Both of them will stop believing
Life is a path with no complication.
Both of them will lose a part
in this war of fierce alienation.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Stormy weather

Por fin se condensaron las aguas de sus cuerpos.
Se tensaron las cuerdas de sus corazones hasta cubrirlos de tempestad-
como siempre había sido y nunca se admitió.
En un domingo negro salieron por puertas opuestas,
sin poner manos ni lazos en común.
Imbuidos por una calma nada conocida,
sólo permanecían los restos de la lluvia
que no anunciaba un cielo claro.
Stormy weather.

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

You will feed that soil

Our hopes
and our fears
will feed
tomorrow´s soil
The windmill
of our lifes
will carry
future days.
who have
the entire world
in front of you
with your
make place
for another lives.
who have nothing
to lose
against the sunsets
of the Earth
will always float
on an eternal
sea of souls.
The grass
that now caresses
your feet
will take
its needs
from your carcass old.
Let us not
part with a tear
of woe
but with a smile
of gratitude.