lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Toughts pronounced in low voice

Just thinking how to deal with this question
that simply takes me out of my mind.
I don´t know how I still love him,
why I hate him, at the same time.

I don´t mean to be ironic
I don´t mean to go so far.
With this little secret
diying in his arms
-and mine.

In the reverence of my thoughts,
embroidered by his charming voice,
I realize that I just don´t want
to keep these feelings to go round,
just want to ask him to leave the leaves
and leave the grass to grow up.

I know that in the future he won´t love me,
and I think I knew from the begginig.
We shall not start from scratch,
think that we won´t be able to do it,
because what can´t never forget
-is called "heart"