jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Always thinking of you

Stay close, close to me.
Don´t go away, don´t wake up in the morning without me.

Cry in my arms if you need it.
Kiss me on my lips if you want it.
Melt inside me if you want to forget.

I don´t want to see you dying inside, like a little bird singing in the rain. I´ll whisper a song that will calm your sorrow, like a muted spell.

I don´t know how to feel, knowing that you are not in your very best moment. I´ll do my best to be useful, however, I can´t really know if I´m being useful. Now we are alone, and the lights are off, don´t move ´cause I´m here. Even if you don´t see me, even if you can´t touch me, I´ll be right there, beside you.

Always thinking of you...